Sunday, September 27, 2009

Turning the corner, continued...

She has changed a setting on my camera, so just about every photo from today was blurry.  She also has been deleting pictures, so I'm missing some of the good ones that I had taken!  Urgh!!  I uploaded the few that were remaining.  Also, I uploaded the video from Metcha Day, the video of the Ayi looking thru the Guilin Family photo album I delivered, some video of Meiying swimming and the video in the store on Shamian Island today.  So, go to the video's section at the bottom of the Shutterfly page to watch.
Also, she's friends again with the 2 bears that I bought her and w/ her pillow that I bought her for the plane; as you can see in the pictures from tonight.  She made the bed for the bears again; first time in 3 days, and she is asleep with the pillow.  These items have been piled in the corner of the room for the last 3 days.  Progress!  The photo of the doll was taken by Meiying at the pool.  She had undressed her, taken out every braid and ribbon from the doll's hair, and brought her into the pool with her.  So this is the doll, dressed again, and lounging in the sun.  LOL

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