Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can't sleep

Okay, so I did sleep on the plane off and on.  I might've ??? slept for minutes at a time here in the hotel after my last post, which was 4 hours ago.  My body feels tired, but everytime I closed my eyes, words, voices, faces from the aiplane just kept whizzing through my head.  I can't seem to turn it off.
So with time on my hand and it being only 6:30 a.m. here in Nanning, what would I normally find myself doing?  Reading everyone's blogs, of course.  Nope, can't do that.  I feel sort of like an addict, trying to figure a backdoor into blogger, all while having the shakes from being tired. LOL...  So, looking through my list of "favorites" stored on my computer, where else can I spend familiar time?  Craigslist!  So far, FB is also blocked.
Not to get too personal, but to answer some of your questions, I did manage to bring some meds on the plane with me for the "then" next 48 hours.  I also had a pair of "under" garment packed in my carry-on.  I also had all my photos of Ava, home; and the album of Guilin family photos in my carry-on.  No, I didn't have the camera cord though.  So, I'll have to hunt that down.  I know that's all you are all interested in anyway!
I honestly have no idea when my bag will arrive since they couldn't tell me for sure where it even was.  Good advice, Adriana, about the laundary and the camera cord.   Unfortunately, I wore jeans and a black shirt and it's HOT in Nanning.  Plus, you all remember, after you've been in your travel outfit for that long, you're ready to burn it!   Let me know if your comments are appearing on my blog.  Just curious.
Toodles for now!


Truly Blessed said...


As of 6:59 pm EST on Sunday night, none of your post-travel posts have any comments.

But at least you are able to read them!

Oh, a "fun" place to hang out is at the Rumor Queen forum (and it doesn't cost you any money!)

Try to SLEEP!!!

Truly Blessed said...

Hey, you can Skype with me if you want some company -- and you probably won't cry if you do!

Kelly Buth (or Kelly H Buth or khbuth) I can't remember which~!

Oh, and you shouldn't publish this comment, if you don't mind!

Truly Blessed said...

Never mind the Skype suggestion. My son logged in with his account and I don't know how to switch it. His address is javachicken45 or something like that.

babyarnie said...

YEAHHHHH!! I've been waiting for an update. Mike and Laurel got home last night. I am so sorry about your bags. You'd think AA could do better than that. You need comfort stuff from home. I left most of my outfits in Ukraine with strict instructions for Mike to give them away or burn them. DO NOT bring them home. TOO many awful memories. But, I'll tell you this.... it is SO worth it all to know that your little girl is lying in the room next to you in her little pink bed with her thumb in her mouth. At HOME finally. Stay strong.

Tiffany said...

I am sure you've received a comment that your posts are coming through but the comments aren't.....

At any rate... I have been thinking about you and sending hugs your way!
Hoping that suitcase makes it to you ASAP.

Praying for you and Ava when you meet for the first time and for the rest of your journey!

gratefulfor8 said...

yep we are getting your comments.. hopefully you can grab a few inexpensive clothes if nothing else a change of shirts and underwear... yeah Nanning is hotter than the blazes in summer.. what size do you wear? can you fit Chinese ex large?
Hoping you find clothes... and get your suitcase!
Also what about the time? when do you get Ava Meiying? late afternoon?where are you staying?
Wow to think you will HAVE to shop becasue you don't even have a change of clothes for her either... what a predictment... I found a cheap duffle bag at Walmart to use on the trip home for dirty clothes and then threw all my souvenirs in my suitcase. sicne havign an extra kid along allows you extra baggage allowance!
I could kick myself for not telling you all about the jet lag pills we have used .. all natural and herbs form Austrailia they work really great for the shakes and jet lag, and nausea form the time change and meal time difference.. black tea helps also.. for nausea though my personal favorite is longon something a herb tea that is very sweet made from dried fruit?
ohtake a nap afetr lunch every day for an hour it will help a lot especially with the heat and buy a case of bottled water at the local market and put it in your frig, AVoid soda it just dehydrates you
OH I hope you go to the free market next door to the magestic if you are there. you just point to the pictures of food you want and hold up your fingers how many dishes you want.. the pancakes with green onion are sooo good, and I love the low mein, the dumplings, barbecues? chicken, barbecued pork buns, and the custard tarts. The watermelon is the sweetest I have ever eaten!
ok I had better stop as it is makign me hungry!
side note they can't find my finerg perints so NOW I have to redo them.... what a hassle.. the other girl is taken by another family as of now they say they are waiting to approve them for her. so I guess Audriana isn't mant to be for us... sigh. I iwll pass the owrd on that your daughter is her best freind.. see what happens take care