Monday, September 21, 2009

Matching pj's

We didn't have time to go shopping.  So, we headed to the gift shop in the hotel and I bought us each a small men's grey t-shirt as pj's for the night!   Our first mother-daughter outfit?  Yikes!  Of course, I said no to about 30 other things that she picked up and yelled "mama" across the shop to me with a very sweet smile.  I did end up buying a puzzle and a little toy piano/keyboard thing.  She has been listening and watching me play Mary Had a Little Lamb and has mastered it.  She's a smarty!  Other than that, we're batting around a balloon at each other and doing lots of smiling.  She had no problem stripping down for a bath and wanted me to wash her back.  We then put lotion on and brushed our teeth together until she squirted water out of her mouth by accident and we started laughing so hard we coudn't finish brushing.  The funniest thing is that she has this very sweet, soft voice until she gets on the phone w/ her foster mother.  Then she starts talking very loudly.  Even our guide was cracking up.  I love listening to her talk.  It's such a beautiful language.  Okay, I'm sure I'll keep thinking of things and have to post.  I uploaded the photos, but I'm not sure I uploaded the video.  It takes too long.
Oh, for the Guilin families.  The photo album brought many tears and many smiles to the faces of the staff.  They looked at the pictures for about 30 minutes talking back and forth.  One particular nanny, kept crying over the photo of Jiang WenKang.  Apparently, she had taken care of her from the time she first arrived and she said she misses her so much.  She cried so hard.  It was very touching.  I tried to take a video.
The other children and babies are doing well.  Lots of crying, but settling in nicely tonight.  I like having everyone on the same floor.  I have no doubt that Meiying will start making the younger ones smile more tomorrow when she gets dancing down the hallway.
Good night from Nanning!


Jean said...

What an adorable pic of the two of you!! I love her shoes!! Our Sarah had a pink pair that was similar to Ava's red shoes!!

What a blessing adoption is- both ways!!

Elizabeth, David, Katie, &Chloe said...

Hi I am so glad you have made it safely. Thank you for taking picture of Chloe. I hoped they remembered her. Thanks again. Your daughter is beautiful. She is so happy with you that is such a blessing. I will keep up with your journey.

Cheryl said...

How friggin' exciting!!! I can feel it all over again! Makes me want to fill out my paperwork for another one...almost! HAVE FUN getting to know your new daughter. Hopefully your luggage will get there with all of the fun things you packed. If not, it's never too early to learn about shopping!!

mucho hugs & kisses!!

Truly Blessed said...

Pure poetry.

What a beautiful little girl! I love the story of the toothbrushing, how sweet is that?

Praying so hard for both of you, and that you'll get your luggage soon.

Sleep well...

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh Sarah! What a beautiful beautiful girl. I laughed so hard at the 'brushing teeth / water squirting' story. Gosh, what a wonderful bonding, mommy daughter moment. Brings tears to my eyes. She sounds like an absolute sweetheart! Oh I am so very thrilled for you both.

You are AMAZING!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Forgot to say, you look smashing in that photo. Wouldn't know you still don;t have your luggage yet!

...and your smile Sarah, it would light up a city. Amazing!

Ava is stunning! ...and I LOVE her red shoes!