Thursday, July 22, 2010

I stand corrected by a fellow blogger's post. 
It was a Bob White Quail.
I originally thought it was a quail so thank you for making me do some research!

Still a mystery how it got on our porch.

* * * * * *

In other news.  It's been a tough week.
On Monday.
We said goodbye to our beloved 14 yo yellow lab, Sadie.
Photo from 2007, Sadie in the snow.
She was my constant companion.
My walking partner.
My girl.
For 12 years.
The tears.  The numbness. The stomach ache.
Losing a pet is part of farm life.
It never gets an easier though.
I wasn't expecting this one.
I miss her so much.

And it didn't get any better.
The very next day.
On Tuesday.
We said goodbye to Mama Cat.
If you've followed my blog for a while.
You'll remember the stray that showed up.
She immediately became the constant companion to our Hen.
For 2 years, they roamed together.
Ate together.
And how I enjoyed watching them every day.
She gave birth to 1 kitten (the black kitten).
Our hen babysat the kitten when Mama Cat needed to eat.
For 2 years, I watched these odd friends.
And in her last few days, she finally let me pet her.

* * * * * *
And so, Hogan lost his grandma.
Tuxie lost his mama.
Emma Hen lost her friend.
I lost my old girl and my young cat.
And we're all feeling it.
Photo taken yesterday.
Hogan and Tuxie couldn't get close enough.
To each other.
To me.


And so not to bum you out completely.
Here's some cute girl photos!
Ava got her haircut.
After complaining for almost 2 months.
"It's too hot."
"I want my hair like Eliza's."
"I want my hair as short as your hair Mommy."
"It gets all over my face when I'm swimming"
So, I caved.
It does look adorable.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Days

Came home from the pool with the girls and found this baby hawk inside our screened porch.
How it got there is a mystery.
Did a cat bring it home and decide it was too big?
Did the hawk fly thru the opening going after one of our cats who perch there?
Derek put on gloves and gently set it free.

Hard to believe this was 1 year ago...June 8, 2009
and here she is today...
Celebrating her 8th on the 8th!
A simple bday party at home in our backyard.
Water balloons, squirt guns, cake and icecream.
A hot June day.
The "most fun bday party ever" according to her friends.

A tear-jerker moment for mom as I remembered the
birthday pictures from last year in China...
as I waited for word of travel and to finally meet
my beautiful flower!
Looking at her today,
she still takes my breath away,
for who she is.

She worked hard at reading each card.
And was so thankful to each friend, giving hugs and thanks.
Not even any coaching from mom.
Each card was as important to her as the present attached to it.

Ava and of her bff's
And little E...getting ready to put on her new prescription!
Divine. So glam. Ahhh, she can see again!
So cute.  I still smooch on her all day.
She is swimming under the water this summer.
Eyes open.
Fun to watch.
At the pool each and every day.

* * * * *
And now for the grand finale!
So, here's a video of Eliza having to use "words" to get my attention.
I told her I wouldn't answer her if she screamed or barked at me anymore.
I set up the camera on the table.
Turned my back and began making breakfast... 
Watch this!
Listen carefully, you can hear her repeating "how 'bout" too.