Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did the summer go? I promise to upload pictures when I can.  My computer has been broken since my last post and so was my camera.  I did get a new camera, but am still waiting on the computer.

The girls are in their second week of school already and so far, enjoying their new teachers.  They both enjoyed taking separate buses to summer school.  Yes, Eliza rode a big school bus and loved it, waving bye and saying "bye bye mum" to me.  As for this school year, back to the carpool line for me!

Many photos to upload since our summer took us many places:  To the pool where Ava learned all the strokes simply by watching the swim team and Eliza swam under the water with goggles on laughing at everything.  To the beach where my foot got barbed by a baby stingray and became infected 'til 3 barbs were removed.  To Charlotte to visit family; the NY Catskill mountains with Gramma to visit her birthplace and where I spent my childhood visiting Grandpa and Grandma; and to Philadelphia to visit my sister's new home as her husband's job took them away from (Gramma) and Richmond.  Many fun days in between so...more to come.