Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Haven't posted in a while. Some updates...We finished our Homestudy! Documents have all been collected and the dossier authenticating will begun. We're getting closer; though China still feels so far away!

A family did recently come home with their Guilin daughter (Dava's daughter who sent me the pictures I posted last month w/ the birthday cake for her daughter, XingJuan). Here's what she said in an e-mail to me: "XingJuan saw some photos of her birthday party and immediately pointed to Meiying and said her name all excited! ....I showed Hannah (XingJuan) your website, and the photos where you weren't sure if it was Meiying, and Hannah pointed to all of them and said her name. You've guessed right it seems for spotting her in all the photos!"

So, here's two of the photos, cropped...