Monday, August 31, 2009

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nope, no TA.
We weren't in the batch that came in on Monday.
Looking at the timelines,
can you believe that families have been waiting
since mid-June for TA?
That means, they waited nearly 10 weeks.
For TA???
Because we're an I-600 family
and not an I-800 family,
I'm still hopeful that we will follow
the 3-4 week timeline
(we're currently in our 3rd week),
but my agency told me yesterday
that we could still be a few more weeks away
and not to expect travel in September
and even October travel might be iffy.
OMG...what a crushing blow that was yesterday.
That's all I can say.
I'm still praying for TA
to come next week and
squeaking in travel late September
and a CA after the early October holiday
so we can be home before Trade Fair?
Don't know if that's possible?
Prayers please.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Enjoying a morning coffee, Clifford on in the background capturing Eliza's attention, and hitting "replay" over and over again just to hear Ava Meiying's sweet voice (thru all the other voices on the video) saying "mama, daddy and thank you".

This is truly a gift to me and I hope when Ava is older, it will be a gift to her as well.

I love how girly she appears to be in all the photos, the pink dress, pink shirts; her report said that she loves beautiful things, loves wearing beautiful things and likes to change her hairstyle each day telling her mama "1 tail today, I wore 2 tails yesterday"...

I think that she and I are going to enjoy each other since that's just how I was as a girl. (There's been a long told story in my family about all my siblings being outside shoveling snow for an hour while I was in the house fixing my hair, makeup and picking out the matching hat, scarf, mittens just to come out and shovel snow. Now, I've matured quite a bit living on a farm, and it's now a rare treat to get dressed up and put make up on!)

Thank you so much, Kirsten, for sending me this video this morning! I absolutely can't wait to meet my beautiful little girl.