Friday, July 31, 2009

LSC (Approval) from China...Travel Approval expected in 3-4 weeks!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

You'll have to read the next post for details about *where* these most recent photos came from! .... Happy tears today!!

Ayi or Half the Sky teacher (L) and Ava Meiying w/ Director Fu behind her

Foster mom (L), Ava Meiying (, and Director Fu

Okay, day 75 of the count. I've tried not to get caught up in the count, but it's really hit me HARD this week (i.e. lots of crabiness, tears, butterflies, heart palpitations, etc., etc., etc).

We had skipped LOA w/ Eliza and went right to TA and got that on day 81 of the wait, so you can imagine that my mind is swirling these days w/ anticipation.

That said, another family was in Guilin yesterday to visit the orphanage, 3 days post Gotcha Day for them. Here's the wonderful gift that I received in my e-mail this morning (after being awoken at 5:00 a.m. by my little shadow)!

...p.s. I will update this post as soon as I get any photos. (For my blog-stalking friends, know that I'm stalking Kirsten's blog too for pictures!)

"HI Sarah,

The best part of going to the orphanage today was meeting your daughter! She is so sweet, precious and beautiful! I was able to get some video of her and her foster mother - i will have to email it to you from my home computer - this one will not let me do video - ugh - i'm so sorry but when we get home i will do it- i promise:) I'll upload pictures to my shutterfly site - this email uploading takes too long:(

I gave her the message about her family coming soon to get her... she already knew all about you guys and is very excited. I was able to find out that she has been with this foster mother for the last 5 yrs. she also has a younger foster brother and does a very good job helping to take care of him - the reason we were able to meet the foster mom was b/c she was there with the brother at the clinic at the orphanage b/c he wasn't feeling well. The mom also told me that the she also has a 23 yr. old daughter that has been trying to teach Meiyang some english - when they asked her to speak it - she got shy. I think it is going to tough for the mom and daughter to say goodbye to each other but the mom is very happy that Meiyang will have a forever family."

So, can you guess how many times since 5:30 a.m. I have read that e-mail, checked Kirsten's blog and shutterfly?! I can't wait to see the video she took either, but that will have to wait 'til they arrive back home to the states. Video? Just the word video (of my daughter) is mind boggling. OMGosh, I'll get to "see" her in action and "see" her w/ her foster mom. That thought gives me butterflies! What a gift! On a side note, it was almost exactly 3 years ago when I received an e-mail and photos of Eliza from a family that was visiting her orphanage. Okay, well I need to go re-read Kirsten's e-mail again!!

Okay, here's what I read on Kirsten's blog that I wanted to include here too:

"...I asked to meet Meiyang. She is a precious 7 yr. old that is going home to her forever family in NC very soon. Her mom asked me to relay some information about them and to let her know that they will be there for her very soon. This was the very best part of the trip! I was even able to meet her foster mom. It was a wonderful experience - i was crying just telling her about her family - Meiyang is very excited but nervous too - she has been with this foster mom for the past 5 yrs. We were able to visit for about 15 minutes with them - you'll see some pics of her and her foster mom on my shutterfly site."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was looking at the photos from Ava Meiying's birthday pictures and noticed what was on the blackboard behind her...that's a Half the Sky classroom for ya!  How wonderful to know that she will at least have some familiarity with our ABC's...since she will be coming home and entering right into an American classroom (school begins August 25th here in the south)!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Like A Bird

His gift to us
reminding to be true
he sent her to visit
all day thru

Our window she'd perch
brightest of blue
and full of song
seeming just for you

Whether keeping an eye
or staying close by
the flutter of her wings
would capture our eye

To the window we were called
by the sweetness of her song
she'd soften our thoughts
for what we longed

Like a bird your name
came to me
and settled softly
into thee
Ava Meiying, yes, yes you shall be

Ava means like a bird...Since coming home from China with Eliza in 2006, there's been a bluebird who visits Eliza's window every day. I always tried to get a photo of it, but never could. Eliza knows the sound of it's tiny landing on her screen and will run to the window to see it. Some time this spring, the same bird started landing on the window in our master bath, always when I was in the view of the window. I used to tell Eliza that it was her chinese grandparent visiting to watch over her, but began pondering a different purpose for our little bluebird when it began visiting me. An angel, a messenger from God, some days I'd tell her. I wrote this poem when I was thinking about a name for Meiying and what the message of this bird could be.