Thursday, July 30, 2009

You'll have to read the next post for details about *where* these most recent photos came from! .... Happy tears today!!

Ayi or Half the Sky teacher (L) and Ava Meiying w/ Director Fu behind her

Foster mom (L), Ava Meiying (, and Director Fu


Reena said...


She is beautiful. What must be going through her mind? Such an exciting and scary time for her.

Best wishes that your TA comes soon!


The Montieth Family said...


Ava is such a beautiful little girl. I bet that you are wishing that you could be holding her right now! She looks happy and nervous at the same time. The pink dress is too cute!

Hugs and Happy Tears for You,

Colin & Jill - Canada said...

Oh my goodness, what a GIFT! I am crying for you too today, the waiting, the hope you feel in your heart, I am feeling for you here. Praying for good news, VERY soon!

Love, Jill xx

The Montieth Family said...

It's me again. I was looking at the pictures and I had to wonder what story the last one holds. The director stroking Ava-Meiying's gorgeous hair and the foster Mom touching her back. Ava looks like she is talking and the foster Mom looks teary, could this be part of the video!? You are so lucky to be Ava's Mommy! (AND E's too of course)!
Hugs, Megan

Kristi said...

I gasped when I saw these photos of your girl; she's breathtaking!! Her beauty and sweet nature are so obvious in the photos, don't you think? Well, duh, of course you see it. Anyway, dear friend, I am sorry you have been under so much anxiety waiting; perfectly understandable though. Hang in there ...I feel good news is on the horizon for you soon!