Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where or where did Sarah go? I don't even know if anyone's still out there checking in on this blog?

Well, see that snow covered hill up there?  That's the hill that I was sledding down that put me into a CAM boot and crutches!  We had fun though.  Fractured my ankle and heel in multiple places.  Don't ask; just understand that I wasn't about to "bail out" heaving my body off the sled like the kids do.  Instead, I put my foot up to brace the impact as I slammed into a large-raised cement drain at the bottom of the hill.  Yep, ouch!

So our skies went from this...

Several times during the months of January and February, much like most of the country, even though we live in the south.

My 80 + year old aunt, who is a retired elementary school teacher, sent this doll to Ava from her personal collection.  She used the dolls in her classroom during different topics of study.  I wish I had videotaped Ava opening the box because when she saw the doll she whispered, "huu...prettttty".

She is doing fabulous.  I'm volunteering in her class 2 days per week during reading and writing.  I really enjoy it.  I can tell that she enjoys having me there.  Her english is coming along fantastic.  She had an 8 word sentence to her teacher last week, all in english!  She is a math mentor in her class to students who need the help.  And she has moved out of the kindergarten level of assisted reading and writing (ESL) to the 1st grade level.  She's only been in school 4 months!

As for Eliza, we found a fantastic OT who is tapping into her sensory seeking, need for movement and response to music -- and combining that all into a therapy plan that seems to be working.  She's got fantastic tools that she's teaching me.  I also have Eliza in a gymnastics class w/ 1 other autistic child who needed the socialization.  Eliza is responding really well to that as well and I love the fact that they're willing to have a class just for these 2 special children.

Keeping busy w/ all 4 kids home and (ha, ha) trying to stay off my foot to let it heal, which is next to impossible.  You learn to live w/ pain!  As for the little black kitty-now grown up -- he's still back home w/ us and is quite happy sharing life w/ his BFF Hogan!