Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not yee-haw...edit last post

"Hi y'all"...(Read the previous post first and this will make sense to you!)
Also, forgot to mention, when my suitcase arrived, it was like Christmas for both of us.  She was right next to me as I unzipped it and squealed "ohhhh" right along with me when I opened it.  She dug through everything I bought for her.  Immediately taking the clothes off the bear I bought her the other day and putting them on the bear I had packed in my suitcase.  Immediately opening the nail jewelry (stick on's) and decorating each fingernail  Then I put 1 on each of her ears as if they were earrings; she said, "Mommy kolaa" (which meant, come here).  I walked back over and SHE put 1 on each of my ears.  Then she called me over again to help her put in a new hairband that I had packed for her.  And again, reciprocated by putting one on me.  It was very sweet and a rather big gesture.
Lastly, I had lost my expensive Ralph Lauren sunglasses somewhere in the hotel lobby (a birthday present and the first expensive, non-drugstore glasses I've ever owned).  I was frantic on the bus to the zoo and couldn't believe I left them somewhere.  You know I'm tired when I'm leaving things behind?!  Not like me at all.  She was so sweet and offered me her sunglasses when she realized what I was looking for.  That's the goofy photo of me in her sunglasses.  When we returned to the hotel; they had them at the front desk.  Someone turned them in.  Ha!  In the US, those would've been long gone.  Finders keepers!  Okay, good night!  (Forgive my typo's...)


Rachel said...

I just caught up on your blog and Meiying is just gorgeous! I've been crying since I start reading it. What she must be going through... However, it seems as if you are doing a great job - both setting limits, showing her love, and giving her the room she needs. She sounds like such a smart little girl.

I am so happy for you and can't wait to follow the rest of the journey!

Tiffany said...

Hi there Sarah!
Oh my I have been thinking about you but had a house full of colds and only time to check your blog quickly before someone was needing my attention.
Your swimsuit/swim cap story had me in tears.... happy tears that it is... I was laughing so hard at your description of it all.

When I read your posts each time I think to myself what a strong woman, strong mom you are.

Just want you to know I am thinking about you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinn Family said...

Sarah, Thank you for sharing your experiences. It helps the rest of us that are waiting! Blessings as you connect to your new, beautiful daughter. You'll have to ask her if she knows our soon to be daughter at

Jean said...

Way to go Sarah!! Sounds like things are going well!!

I swan with Sarah in the beginning for bonding but not anymore- we're bonded!!! The things we do for our kids!

Sarah would have her happy times and then her not so happy times, too. I wanted to show her that just being content was good enough for me- the happy times were exhausting and the not so happy times we also exhausting just trying to figure out what was going on with her!

Bless you!

gratefulfor8 said...

yes the word is Goa lai sounds very much like kolaa for come here...
quai quai means quickly,
did you use any of the words or show her the word lists I sent you for her? If not I iwll send them to you ASAP. she can probably read the pin yin on them if not the characters in which case it will give you some more tools to use for communication along with a picture book.

carmen said...

My dear,
I look so forward to reading your blog - I am living thru you and enjoying every moment. All will turn out well in the seems that she is warming up to you. Ava is a gorgeous child! I wish we lived close by - Ava and Livvie would be friends :)
Isn't it a GREAT feeling y'all when you see that beloved luggage??? YEAH!! A big hug to you, Carmen

Truly Blessed said...

So glad your suitcase arrived! Yippee!

I'll continue to pray for you as you travel to Guangzhou. You're doing a great job balancing Meiying's wants with her needs...keep up the great work!