Monday, September 21, 2009

She's beautiful!

I took a flight to become a mom.  So unbelievable.  I've uploaded today's pictures to Shutterfly because my connection is so slow and that seemed to go faster.  I will post one picture here though 'cause I know you're all anxious to see Meiying.
I came down the steps from the elevator in the hotel to a crowded lobby of babies and toddlers.  And there she was, tall, dancer-like, in a beautiful pink dress w/ the sweetest pair of dress-red shoes ever.  She was beaming amongst the babies.  She was dancing and looking for me.  I stopped in amazement at how beautiful she was.  I started crying and grinning from ear to ear.  She looked right at me and waved.  I waved back and then she pulled the staff member over towards me.  They had some exchange of words and he ushered her back into the crowd.  She kept peeking around the column waving and smiling at me.  She finally just shouted mama and hid her face behind the column.  At that, my guide ushered me into a conference room, but before I could even get all the way into the doorway, Meiying was running behind me.
I took a flight to become a mom.  I will write more later.  Meiying is taking a bath and she's calling for me.  She has been happy and wonderful.  She's doing her best to help me fumble my way at being her mom when I don't understand most of what she's saying.  She just smiles.  She is very good; she turns the lights off behind her; folds the towel after drying her hands.  She holds my hand on her own doing everywhere we go.  She has already called her foster mom twice since about 4:30, but that's okay.  They were together 4 years and I want her to feel secure.  It's part of the process.  The first time she called, our guide was in the room and told me that she mostly telling her foster mom about she had done so far and that she was with her American mommy.  The second time, the guide wasn't here, but she said "Mommy and pointed to the phone."  I could tell by that conversation that she was telling her all about the things that she got today (some toys and books).  Both times she hung up the phone very happy.
Gotta scoot and get this beautiful flower to quiet down for the night!  Thanks for all your comments.


Reena said...

Oh Sarah! All I can is that at least one of you showed up looking like a fairly princess!!! Ava Meiling is more than beautiful. Absolutely captivating!

Where is the link to your shutterfly account???

I am very happy for both of you!!!


Jean said...

Oh my- be still my heart! She is beautiful!!

I am so excited for you!!

If you can please ask them about Qin, Fu Yuan and Qin Fu Quan!

Keep posting! I am loving every minute of it!!

McKayGreenFamily said...

omg I'm at work crying! she is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Hannah will be so happy too! Congratulations Mommy!!! (Big hug from Canada!)

Truly Blessed said...

Sarah, can't type through the tears.

This is simply beautiful.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I have goosebumps from reading your post. How amazing, it sounds like you two have been together forever. Wow! Sarah, you are an AMAZING person and a fabulous mother, I've never doubted it, but this just reiterates it to me, over and over again.

And seriously, could you have gotten a more precious child? Not a chance. :) Oh I am so on top of the world for you right now!

Prayers for you both, that things will continue to go well.

Love, Jill xx