Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arrived in Guangzhou and starting to dance

Quick post as we have to get over to Shamian Island for Meiying's medical exam and TB test.  To clarify, we had to leave Nanning even before her passport was ready (i.e. before the provincial processing was done) because of the US's new rule that all children over 2 yo get a TB test.  It takes 48 hours before they can read the skin result.  So, now you have to be in Guangzhou for the test and allow the extra time.  It's a shame because it really interrupts your time in your child's province.  I am so upset that we couldn't get to Guilin, Meiying's hometown.  That was the most memorable part of my trip back in '06 for Eliza to her orphanage.  And this would've been even more meaningful because of Meiying's age and her foster parents living there.
Okay, so she loved the airplane ride (her first).  It was quick; 1 hour.  Guide-less and lots of locals talking to Meiying and pointing to me.  I'm not sure I want to know what they were saying.  She stood tall though.  She started out withdrawing from me again as we drove to the airport.  On the plane, she was challenging me big time.  Ignoring me, as I would tell her to put her seatbelt on, for ex.  I told the flight attendant to tell her and after she walked away, Meiying took it off again.  So...being a mom to a child w/ autism, parenting Eliza, I have to be in control and learned a lot of techniques for redirecting and getting cooperation.  I pulled it out on Meiying on that flight.  I immediately took away the coloring book, told her to fasten her seat belt and then gestured that I would give the coloring book back.  Well, she finally complied.  We had a few other challenge moments like that, but she's starting to get me.  So, you could say we're starting to dance.
At the hotel (I love this Marriott in GZ), we're in a beautiful suite; already spent an hour on the concierge floor in the game room playing Wii bowling.  She caught on quick and had a blast.  This will be a great outlet.   There was a new mom (single) sitting on the floor with her very withdrawn babe.  Well, Meiying lit up that child and the child started engaging before all of our eyes.  She was enthralled with Wii and of course, Meiying's giddiness.  She's been very happy today, hugged my waist during Wii very spontaneously and has been interchanging english.  We're both starting to understand each other; I'm picking up on mandarin too.  Life is getting better.  (p.s. if I type a word in mandarin, I'm spelling it phonetically!)  Still exhausting with the ups and downs of her mood, but being in GZ has helped start anew.  Enjoying some Ramen noodles that were in my beloved suitcase and she's enjoying them too.  Okay, pictures later...gotta scoot to Shamian to get up with the other fam's and do the medical stuff. 


Truly Blessed said...

Oh how great it is to read that you're doing better. You know, Sarah, God prepared you to parent are exactly the Mom she needs right now, and you have been prepared by the Father to parent her! I just love that.

The story about the other child made me cry (so much of your writing has made me cry these past few days!). What a blessing your daughter was to that other mom and her child. I'm so glad you were there with her and could observe it. I just know Meiying is going to be a fantastic big sister to Eliza.

Praying extra super hard that the TB test is negative and won't impact the two of you and the rest of your trip.

Now, I'm off to see pictures!

Have a wonderful day in GZ!

Sharon said...

Congratulations! We are loving following along and the beautiful photos of Ava MeiYing!

Thrilled for both of you that things are going so well!

Mom to 2 Guilin girls Brinley...adopted 12/05
Bailey...adopted 7/07

Elizabeth, David, Katie, &Chloe said...

That is great that she is now listening to you. I remember those moments. I had to tell myself once home to think about how I felt in China with not understanding anyone. It was so frustrating to not understand what they were saying. It then made me realize when we came home that Chloe must feel the same way. She can't understand us and we are all new to her and everything around her is new. As soon as we landed in the airport in Atlanta I saw her look around and there were no more familiar things to her. I saw some withdrawal from her then. On the ride home from the airport I think she thought my father n law driving was our taxi and my sister n law was our guide.

Tiffany said...

I can't wait to get on here each day to follow your journey! Thank you for sharing it... both the ups and downs.

I took something away from Lily the other day.... and she told me to keep it. Looks like I need some new techniques. AHHHHHH

How fun that your hotel has Wii... that will certainly be a great outlet!
That is wonderful about the little girl opening up to Meiying.

Can't wait to see pictures later!

Cheryl said...

You're doing such a fabulous job!! I know at times you're second-guessing yourself and your actions, but go with your gut!! You're doing great! My friend, Beth, in Austin is reading your blog and is sending prayers for you both. I met her in China and we've been great friends since. (not quite the same as meeting an insane woman in Target's parking lot...) Can't wait to meet Meiying! Still planning on coming to the airport!!

Love, hugs & kisses!!!

Kristi said...

Sarah, Sounds like things are slowly but surely "getting there". Keep on keeping on!! Looking forward to pictures. Also, has Meiying met her Daddy and sister via Skype??