Monday, September 21, 2009

New day

The sun is shining; we're both awake.  I heard Meiying wimper a few times in the night, but she slept thru and is all smiles again this morning.  She's on the phone w/ her foster mom now and her voice sounds much brighter.
I forgot to mention yesterday that Meiying came w/ a backpack stuffed with things and another bag stuffed with things.  She started pulling out all the contents as soon as we got to the room; some socks, underwear, 2 hand-knit scarves from her f-mom; some favorite foods that she had to share on the train (and wasn't too pleased about that); gum, candy, toys...and an enormous photo album (small in size, but large in quantity) of pictures from the beginning of her days w/ her foster family up to recent pictures.  Beautiful.  I haven't dared go through the bags on my own.
We're getting ready to head down for breakfast.  She just asked me to comb her hair and re-braid it with 1 braid today, "xie-xie mommy".  So sweet.  Her hair is AMAAAZING.  It is so soft, so long.  I had to take some pictures.
..Okay, back from breakfast.  She had to call her f-mom again when we came in the room.  I wish I knew what she was saying, but it sounds and looks like she's just talking about what she had for breakfast and what we are doing.  When she hangs up, she always comes over to me and smiles and nods her head.  I feel bad that we can't talk about the things she is talking to her foster mom about.  I know in time we will, but for now, it's hard.  She's a trooper though.  She loves to call me mommy, which is a hoot.  We had breakfast with all the other families; so many young babies and toddlers; reminding me of those first days with Eliza.  When we get to GZ, we will be with other older children and I think that will help.
Still no luggage.  I know she's getting bored with the few toys we have here.  Hope to shop later in the morning...


babyarnie said...

Wow! I can't believe you've met her and have her already. SOOOOO different than Ukraine. She is truly a beautiful flower. Here's to being a mommy!!

Jean said...

Her hair is incredible! It's beautiful and so long!

It is tough when you can't communicate- we did some sign language, lots of charades and learned a few words in Chinese. Our guide was a big help when needing to communicate.

It is so fun to hear how you are doing- keep sharing!! Thank you!!

Truly Blessed said...

Oh Sarah, I looked at your post through tears of joy again -- Meiying is just beautiful, simply gorgeous (and that HAIR!!!!!).

Keep doing what you're doing, let her make the phone calls, but maybe in a few days she could start writing to them also, and limit the phone calls to once or twice a day (I shudder to think of your phone bills once you get back to the States!).

Love your posts and your honesty. Sure hope your luggage gets there soon!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

She's been very well looked after!

Her hair is just beautiful, I can't help but stare at her beautiful face, she has perfect eyes and smile and nose. She is really really beautiful Sarah.

Oh I'm thrilled for you!

Jill xx

Elizabeth, David, Katie, &Chloe said...

Don't forget to check behind the pictures. The family may have put their address behind them.
Chloe's jacket had a hole but it in and put back together with a pin so no one could find it. It was a wad of money in a red envelope. It was to bring her good fortune with her future.