Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ni hao!!  Okay, I'm here in Nanning.  Blogger is definitely blocked.  I can't access it so I'm updating my blog from within my e-mail.  I'm getting your comments though. I'm not sure when I say "publish" the comment whether it's going thru to my blog or not.  So either way, keep sending the comments for me to read and also to let me know that my e-mailing of posts to my blog is actually working!
The flights were fine.  My bag didn't make it to Beijing thanks to lovely JFK and American Airlines.  So, after 22 hours of flying, I'm sitting here in the same clothes.  I guess my idea of showing up to meet Ava-Meiying looking like a fairy-princess-godmother isn't going to happen.  Instead, I'm going to show up, wrinkled, disheveled, smelly, wearing black and exhausted.  Everything was in that bag (my clothes, her clothes, toiletries, gifts, the wooden bowl, her backpack of things I bought for her, etc.)  Basically, what I have w/ me now is my camera, my laptop and the adoption papers!  Um, I'm thinking my camera cord that sincs to my computer was in there too, so I might not be able to upload pictures?!
Skype works.  I already called home and saw Derek and Eliza; and of course, started crying.  I feel so far away, duh.  During the long 13 hour flight, I thought so much about Eliza's adoption, Eliza's life, all the while getting myself more and more worked up and homesick.  I finally had to turn off the thoughts and emotions.  But getting to Beijing and finding out my bag didn't make it, somehow made me feel even more isolated and lonely.  They're just material things, but they were from home.  Oh wawwww!  I'm just tired.
So, in about 9 hours, I'll be meeting Meiying.  I'll feel better once I can go into mommy mode.  By the way, Air China was very nice, food wasn't bad and Beijing airport is beautiful.  It is so efficient.  I got thru the temp check for Swine Flu, Immigrations, Customs, Baggage and Lost and Found, and checked in for the next flight all within 1 hour.  It took me 1 hour just to get thru security at JFK!!!  Ridiculous.
More later...


Carmen Fitzpatrick said...

Ni hao Sarita! I will be fllwing yr blog closely with tissues next to me so I can sob - I LOVE GOTCHA days!! I am so sorry yr luggage didn't make it, but it will make it tomorrow - so you'll have two treats!! New daughter and clothes!! All the best my dear! Love, Carmen

gratefulfor8 said...

rats so you didn't pack any meds and a change of clothes for yourself in the carry on! Hope they find your bag soon! which hotle are you stayign at? if it is the MAgestic they can clean your clothes in under two hours and you can wear a bathrobe in the meantime they also provide you all kinds of necessities, shamppo, soap toothbrush combs etc, hairdryers you name it they have it. you shoudl be able to find clothes at teh loacl walmart, your guide can help you providing you are not my size 16-18 then it is a little trickier! they can also help you get a camera cord to upload if you did indeed lose that in your bags!

Jean said...

So happy you are safely in China!! Sorry about your things- hopefully they will show up soon!

Hang in there you are doing great!! So excited for when you meet your precious daughter!!

Cheryl said...

Hang in there babe! She's so nervous and excited, she won't remember what you were wearing or what you smelled like! You can always go on a Wal-Mart shopping spree for the both of you. BREATHE!!!!

Hugs & kisses!!!

The Montieth Family said...

Heyyyyy Ladyyyyy! There you are! :)

First I am glad that you made it safe and sound!

Second, You will be meeting Ava SOON!!!! She is not going to care what you look like, I promise. My flat iron was not working the day that we met Sophie so I get what you mean. The day after gotcha when we went to finalize things my only clothes that were clean were the ones that I slept in on the nasty bathroom floor during my 10 hour pukefest.

Third, I am sorry that you are feeling so homesick, but it is understandable! It must have been HARD to see derek and E on the computer! :(

Fourth, that SUCKS about your luggage! UGH!!! :o When do you think that you will be getting it? The SAME thing happened to us from Chicago-Beijing. We ended up getting it a couple of hours later-but, it still was awful to deal with! I'm sorry Sarah. :(

I will be checking your blog later to hear about Ava's GOTCHA and hopefully you'll be able to get pics up!

Love, Megan :)

Truly Blessed said...

SO glad you're there safely! How frustrating that your luggage isn't with you, though. Hopefully it will come BEFORE you're due to meet Miss Ava Meiying!

Are you there with other people so someone can take pictures of the two of you? Oh, I wish I could have come with you to help. I seriously would have.

This is the best I can do from here - I'll keep commenting and praying for you and Meiying, and for Derek and Eliza at home.

Kristi said...

Hi Sarah!!
So so sorry that your bag didn't make it to Nanning along with you-yet!! Gosh, that is just horrible luck my friend. Hopefully, they will be knocking on your door with your bag any time now. I've had my bags go missing a few times and luckily, they were pretty efficient finding it (next morning). Also, I feel so bad for you about missing home and E!! But, she's in good hands and this will be your only one on one time with Meiying so do your best to try to enjoy yourself (once you have your stuff - got to have your stuff to enjoy yourself!!).