Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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As you'll see in my sidebar, I have a Shutterfly page set up where I'll post most of the pictures from China. You can link to it by clicking on Ava's picture. Comments can be left on that site and/or on this blog as well. Since Blogger has been known to be blocked in some parts of China, please make sure to check Shutterfly if you don't see any update here.

For my friends and family who aren't familiar with Blogger, you can click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this post and leave me a message. If you don't have an account, simply select "anonymous", but make sure to type your name at the end of your message. You won't need an account to view my Shutterfly pictures, but I think you will if you want to leave a message on the Shutterfly page. Just set one up; no fee; no hassle. That's it.

I will be very homesick and craving conversation, so please e-mail me and leave comments, okay?!


Kristi said...

OHHHHH!!!! I am so excited!! I'll definitely be looking daily and commenting. I feel that you are going to have a wonderful trip and you and Ava are going to "instantly" share a beautiful bond. ...That may sound crazy but I just feel that way. She is going to see your sweet nature, and it is going to put her at ease. I can hardly wait for the two of you to meet, and for E to get her big sister!!

The Montieth Family said...

I am loving the new font...what is this mood reflective of?! ;) You KNOW that I will be stalking you in China again so not to worry. I am impressed with your shutterfly abilities...I am a dork and cant do a thing like that! Give Eliza a big smooch for me and tell Derek if there are any emergencies that he can call us while you are gone! :P ELEVEN DAYS until CHINAAA!!! :D
Love, Megan

Truly Blessed said...


I'm so envious of you - traveling back to China and preparing to meet Ava. I'll be checking every single day and know how much comments and emails mean -- I'm on it!

Not long now - only 10 more days!!!

Blessed Family said...

I hope you vsn blog while you are there! I can't to follow your trip. I am going to go checkout shutterfly now!

babyarnie said...

Hooray!! Praying showers of travel blessing on you. Also praying for Eliza to do well without you. I'm just a hop skip and a jump away if you need something. Now...... it's YOUR turn ;)

Lori said...

Hey friend! I'm lovin' the font! How did you pull that off? I don't think I have that option... :(

OK so...see you in Guangzhou, okie dokie? Coffee at Starbucks sound yummy? We are gonna have a blast! You will love my hair in the GZ humidity! ;/

Happy packing!!

Amy said...

Have a great trip and thank you for your beautiful words on Jessicas birthday.

Billy & Nikki said...

Oh how exciting. I can remember back to the day when we met at the capitol to get documents ready when you were getting together your dossier for Eliza and now comes Ava. So much can happen in a few years. Happy traveling and enjoy that first big hug from Ava. Can't wait to see pics.

gratefulfor8 said...

hey Nancy's book " When Love is not enough" may also help with Eliza. She discusses how Autisim is along the same spectrum as attachment issues.
IF I wasn't moving I'd offer to go along as your travel companion. Would have loved the break!
I iwll be following along don't hesitate to write me anytime you need help.. use your guide to explain things to her as much as possible especially rules!
boundaries will help her feel safer and use the opportunity when giving her candy to snuggle her making eye contact when ever you can HAve teh guide explain this to her.. she has to make eye contact, happy eyes to get the candy... or you eat it. they learn very fast. it will help ease the transition to getting comfortable with your touch.. she will need it to ease her greif. The first night Matthew cried for over an hour and I just held him and made eye contact.

Good luck! you will be in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, So sorry to hear about your luggage! Don't let it put a damper on things. It is all part of the adventure!! Just go down to the lobby buy yourself a t-shirt, wash your undies in the sink (or turn them inside out) and you'll be good to go!! Remember to laugh as it will be a great memory to look back on!! :) Did you have a chance to watch Survivor before you left? I deleted the first episode, but if you need me to dvr the rest of them, let me know. There is a slimy guy on one of the tribes. He is going to be a real trouble maker. Nothing really exciting going on here. Mark is in the other room watching football. The baby is getting bigger and has decided to rearrange all of my internal organs. Sometimes it is quite painful. I have less than 8 more weeks to go - I sure hope she comes out on time or earlier as I don't think I can expand any bigger. Hope you have a wonderful first day meeting your new daughter!!-Tarra