Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My stomach has been doing flip flops and is full of butterflies...already and it's only Tuesday.  Woke up to this yesterday a.m.  I'm just about packed.  A few more supplies (meds, sleep aids, Yogi tea) and I should be done.  I know, why am I bringing tea when I'm heading to the land of teas?  I love Yogi brand and my internal system has gotten used to a few of them to keep the plumbing harmonious!

Also, if you haven't updated blogger to the new posting features, go do it (found on your dashboard).  I love the new capability for uploading pictures and then dropping/dragging them around.  Fantastic!  Thank you blogger!!  So, here's the latest...

The absolute necessities in bribery and late night cravings!

The chocolate in China is very bland and waxy tasting.  If Ava's not a chocolate girl (like Eliza), how could she atleast resist a Starburst?  Allie can't believe I'm not opening them to share before my trip!?  Last week I bought candy for the trip only to have it eaten aleady so this stash is now ziplocked and in the suitcase!
The very scary room that Eliza refuses to sleep in!
This used to be Eliza's room and now it's The Girls' Room...
We added Ava's bed and suddenly Eliza stopped going up to her room...ha, ha.  Does this room look scary to you?  I think she'll be fine once Ava comes home.
My birthday present from Dave; this one is Oak and NOT for the foster parents!


Reena said...

Hi Sarah! The Candy is a GREAT IDEA! I don't know how easy/hard they are to find, but those candy necklaces might be a hit as well-- or a PEZ candy dispenser.

I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to follow you on your journey!

Thanks for the blogger tips!

Lori said...

Oh I love that bowl!! Beautiful.

And the girls' room is gorgeous as well! Sounds like you've got everything perfectly ready for your new girly!

Ok, I gotta go check out how to upgrade blogger like you said...I can't stand not to have the newest things available, don't ya know.

See ya real soon in Guangzhou with our darling new daughters! Yeee!

day by day said...

I LOVE your bribery/cravings supply...too cute!

I am not sure when you birthday is/was...but Happy Birthday!!!

The girls' room is darling!!

Oh, and Sophie has congenital esotropia in which she had surgically corrected a year ago and then developed a verical misalignment which explains surgery #2. Who knows what will be next with her eyes? : )

Tiffany said...

Thinking about you and so very excited for you!

Wish I would have thought to pack chocolate for our China trip... I missed it SOOOO much!

What a beautiful room for the girls..

Kristi said...

I'm thinking of you every single day as your departure date is drawing near. I know you have to be nervous and thinking of "did I pack this and that". "How am I going to handle this trip solo?" etc. etc. ... And, I suspect you are having difficulty falling asleep (how will E do when I'm away? will Ava and I bond instantly or will I have to step back and follow her lead? how will E and Ava's relationship develop?? ...I so want them to love each other, etc. etc.) Friend, let me reassure you that this is going to unfold beautifully and with relative ease. Take a deep breath and relax ...let go and let God take over your worries. You have two amazing daughters. Ava WILL love and adore you and Ava WILL love her little sis E!! E too, will grow to love her big sis and role model Ava. I am looking so forward to seeing all of this love blossom!!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I bet your tummy is doing flip flops! Yeahhhh for chocolate! :)

Just a few more days until you go!


Truly Blessed said...

Sarah, I'm just so excited that you're going to China TOMORROW!!!!! I just cannot wait to see you with your beautiful new daughter!

The girls' room is gorgeous. I would imagine that Eliza will have no problem sleeping in there with her jie jie.

Ohhhhh, you're so close!!!

Jean said...

I am so excited for you!! Blessings on your journey to China!! I'll be following along!! I am so excited for you!! Yippee!! I can't believe that soon you will have Sweet Ava in your arms!

Candy works wonders!!

I love the bowl - it's beautiful!!

Jean said...

There bedroom is adorable!! It may take awhile but someday both girls will be sleeping peacefully in it!!

ItsOurMotto said...

LOVE the girls room can't wait to follow along your journey!! Blessings

babyarnie said...

Tomorrow is the BIG day. (mike and Laurel come home tomorrow as well). Our family is praying for travel mercies for you and your little girl! Enjoy the ride!

The Montieth Family said...

Hey Sarah-

I know that we have already talked this week and that we are going to talk tonight, but how could I not leave a comment?!

I love the sugar supply, I'd probably end up eating it all on the plane on the way over if it were me! *lol*. I can "see" Ava perhaps asserting her independence and walking away from you on the streets of Guangzhou; all that you will have to to is shake the bag of Starbursts and make a Hansel & Grettel trail for her to follow you! ;P

I love the bed spreads, the room looks so girly and pretty! Poor Eliza! I agree that she will do better when Ava is in the room with her! Who knows what is going through Eliza's head. *lol*.


McKayGreenFamily said...

whoohoo! We are so excited here! Beautiful bowl too! Not a scary bedroom either, beautiful girlie room! :0) Hannah and us can't wait to follow you and Ava. She keeps asking when Ava will meet her new mommy. Hugs! Dava in Canada