Monday, September 21, 2009

Luggage update and shopping

Thanks for all the comments; I am publishing them, but apparently they're not uploading to the blog.  I so appreciate hearing from you all!
Here's some photos; views from my room and what a hairdryer looks like in this 5 Star hotel?!  Anyone having flashbacks to he early 70's?  Haven't tried it yet, but it makes me laugh when I go into the bathroom.
Also, I bought this all-natural motion sickness oil for the plane ride; you dab it behind your ears.  I have to tell you it works great even for nauseau and headaches.
I had the wonderful pleasure of getting a Skype call from Kelly this morning!  Kelly's daughter Katie was in Yangdong when we went w/ Eliza and I took a few pictures of Katie for them.  That Skype call was so special and made me feel closer to home.  Thank you so much Kelly.  I've enjoyed being able to Skype home to Derek, Eliza and Allie too.  I miss you all so much.  And Judy, thank you for walking Hogan or should I say, letting Hogan walk you.  Derek told me you came by on Sunday to do that.  Awww...I know Hogan loved it.
Luggage was still in NY at JFK.  It's supposed to be on the flight to Beijing today (last night for you back home).  We'll see.  They said it could be tomorrow still or later than that before I get it.
Okay, so I've got 2 hours 'til Ava time and I really need to shower.   I am staying at the Majestic (kind of a dump for a 5 star) and have met 3 other American fam's here for adoptions.  (I can't remember if I already posted this and since I can't look at my blog, I don't have the editing ability.)  One of them is adopting a 2 year old boy from Ava's orphanage and they will ride the 5 hour train trip together.  They've put all of us on the same floor, which is nice.
One of the families has a 3 and 5 yo boys and are adopting a toddler girl.  They are here with both sets of their parents and I'm jealous (that their parents are here witnessing this).  They are having a blast.  They're all from Oregon (south, I think, Julie).  Anyway, they're cracking me up and have taken me under their wings.  We just got back from a very long, hot walk all over Nanning just to find the Walmart.  Keep in mind, I'm in jeans and it is hot and so steamy from humidity.  I'm craving my skirts that I packed.  Can't stand when I'm this know what I mean about that ladies!
So, apparently, I wear an XL or 2XL in a Chinese Walmart!  LOL...seriously.  I'm not itty-bitty, but I'm not an XL.  I bought a cute pear of capris at a little shop for about $7 and the size was US 8.  Got back and couldn't even pull them up on my leg.  So, that's when we decided to head out looking for the Walmart.  Not a Walmart like ours at home.  They had hardly any clothes and everything was winter wear.  So, I bought some sweats that will be cut off and a long sleeve shirt that will be cut off (the sleeves that is).  It was so nice to have this family to join up with today.  They made me feel like I was part of their family and took away some of my nerves.
They will be bringing the children to the hotel; no more Civil Affairs Office I guess.  It's now done here in the hotel.  We're all anxious.  Me, from NC; a family from Rochester, NY; a family from Ohio; and the Oregon clan.  OH...AND I BOUGHT A CAMERA cord at a little shop so we're all good to go in getting you the latest in pictures!!  Okay,gotta get ready for Ava!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I'm looking forward to the first photos. I hope you get your bags very soon. What a pain to be with out your stuff!

Reena said...

Hi Sarah,

Little Josie Dong Dong and I have been saying a prayer for you and Ava Meiying. I guess we should have included your luggage-- humor added.

I know this is all likely very unsettling for you but in the grand scheme-- WOW! What a funny start to Ava's adoption story. How much do you think the two of you will laugh over the years to come when you tell her the start of this story? You have to get pictures of yourself in the cutoff sweatpants and top. That is priceless!

Big BIG Cyber hug!

Truly Blessed said...

What an adventure you're having!!

Glad you got some info on your luggage, and hopefully you'll get it soon if you don't have it already.
Too funny about the clothing sizes in China, I know, I tried on a too small XXL jacket and decided there was NO WAY in the world I was going to keep going up in X's until I found one that fit and decided against buying a jacket in China (I'm so vain!).

So glad you've got some folks to hang out with an give/get support and encouragement. You know you'll be friends for life after this amazing journey to your new children.

I would think that by now you have your beautiful flower. Looking forward to pictures!


Cheryl said...

I'm so excited for you right now. I know that you and Ava are together (staring at each other and grinning). Are you stylin' in your cut-off sweats and shirt? If nothing else, you 'look' like you're from NC! Have a GREAT time with your new daughter!!! Give her a hug and kiss from Aunt Cheryl!!

Love you!!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

How awful you haven't got your luggage yet, like that's all you need. Right? Not.

Well I'm praying they get their you-know-whats in gear and get you your luggage and clothes. That is too bad.

Glad you have some friends, I can't imagine you alone over there, but I know it will be nice just having one on one time with Ava! :)

Jill xx