Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Though it seems quiet from here...

...it's definitely not.

Coughing, sniffling, whining, achey joints, nauseau, even a vomit...just keeps cycling around us. Derek has decided that "our" diagnosis is H2N2...yes, version 2 of H1N1.  What, you haven't heard of it?  If you constantly feel just blucky, tired, nauseau, but nothing comes of it, then you have what we have:  H2N2.  That's right.  Though Dr. Derek also made himself throw up and he got well in a few days, the rest of us wimps won't make ourselves throw up so we're just harboring it!

Sorry that I don't have any pictures of Ava to post.  I do have pictures that Ava took...of mommy trying to look good thru the sickness...

...And of Hogan and Sadie whom Ava has made peace with as long as it's on her terms.   In other words, she wants to measure and fill their bowls and tells them to "SHIT DOWN" as she delivers their bowls, but if they don't "SHIT DOWN", she gets louder yelling "SHITTT DOWN".   Luckily, we live on a farm so I don't worry about neighbors hearing her.  I haven't yet explained that shit is a bad word.  She also wants to walk Hogan as long as Hogan stays at least 5 feet in front of her.  If he circles back towards her/us, she lets go of the leash and screams; it's a retractable leash so it goes spinning and retracting straight at Hogan.  Poor Hogan.  I taught her to keep her hands and arms down when she is around them and if she gets afraid to walk with her head and eyes looking straight up and ahead and MARCH with determination.  (Really, our dogs are very gentle.  Hogan has been known to get excited once in a while, but he is only 2.)  He jumped up on her chest one day while she was running thru the backyard, but of course, her arms were up.  I tried to explain what happened to her.  I think she is figuring it out.  She does like the dogs though.

And then there's pictures of her little Polly Pocket dolls that she loves and is collecting.  They're all piled into the wooden car that Derek got out of storage.  His Dad had made these cars.  She thought they were really cool and perfect for a "Polly girl outing".

And lastly, a picture of Eliza looking scared as she watches Pooh and the "knocking" on the door while Pooh hides under the covers!

That's it!  School continues to go well.  There's a parent volunteer who comes and eats lunch w/ Ava 2x per week; she is native chinese and she loves translating for Ava.  Ava of course, loves it too.  Speaking of, I need to go pick her up from school now!


The Montieth Family said...

H2N2....you guys are hysterical! I am SO SORRY that you are all still fighting this awful bug. :( Yucky, yucky, yucky.

Ava took some good pictures and I *love* "SHIT down"!! *lol*lol*lol*!

Take care of yourselves and please get well! I've been thinking of you guys.


Tiffany said...

H2N2... that is great! Not great that you aren't feeling well though.
Hope you guys feel better soon!

Truly Blessed said...

Okay, this post had me laughing out loud (no, not the part about everyone being sick), but I will never again say or hear the words "sit down" without thinking of Ava and Hogan.

Too funny!

Kristi said...

Hope you all are feeling much better by now. Looking forward to an update but understanding that you'll get to one as soon as your life allows for it!!
Let me know if you ever checked out "Ni Hao Y'all" blog and the "No Hands but Ours" blog. I know that Stefanie would be so happy if you ever decide to contribute any writings.