Sunday, October 18, 2009

The girls heading off to school for the FIRST time enrolled together!
Yes, Ava's now in school.  Loves it! 
She's in 1st grade (tho age-wise should be in 2nd).

Feeling peer-pressure already,
following enrollment in school came a haircut!
Okay, her long GORGEOUS hair
got in the way at the water fountain,
and the toilet, etc.

She was soooo exited and so brave.

Are you kidding me, that much?
Donated to Locks of Love.

Okay, this didn't phase Ava.
It made mommy tear up though.
Seriously, I think it was my first big mommy moment;
I felt like she was my baby growing up.

Ponytail cut off, next up a good wash and massage.

Wow, look at it!

Oh my, A-DORABLE!!!
The easiest hair; I'm sooo jealous.

Okay, enough mommy; you're making me feel self-conscious.

Stop it mommy!  Put the camera away.

Yes, yes, I do love it mommy!

Why can't mommy ever get in these family photos?
Ava's first pumpkin patch and she chose a small pumpkin.
Only because that's what Eliza chose!
Next year she'll want the biggest pumpkin.

Obviously, this was a week of firsts:  school, haircut, pumpkin patch.  She had a great week.  She's very happy.  We even looked at some foster family pictures the other day and she was all smiles and telling us all about the pictures.  She came up later and gave me a big hug and said (in english) I love you mommy!


Jean said...

It is so cool she is doing so well!! I love it!!

Sarah will often follow Anna- which I think is so funny. She has no one else to copy!

I would consider Ellie a first grader this year, too. Plus they are spring and summer b-days- so it works!!

If you have any pics, videos or info on our girls I would love it!! It feels like I need a little pick-me-up! You know how it goes- the ups and downs of the adoption wait...

Jean said...

Oh yes- wow- was her hair long long long! Her haircut is beautiful!! I love her curls!! What a great idea donating her hair!! Pass on the blessing!!

TanyaLea said...

I'm so glad to see the updates and how well she is doing. I'm sure she was thrilled to finally start school. The haircut would've choked me up, she has some of the most beautiful LONG curls I've seen... but I can think of no better cause!! And she's still absolutely beautiful in her shorter curls, too! :)

The Montieth Family said...


This might be the BEST update yet!!

I love the picture of A&E holding hands before THEIR first day of school! :) I am glad that Ava likes it. How is Eliza doing at school...still the little starlet?

The pumpkin patch picture is cute but WHERE ARE YOU?! ;) I laughed that A&E chose small pumpkins-Emma & Sophie did the same thing this year! Greg was pleased with the price (lol), but I ended up buying 2 more larger ones at the grocery store anyway so that we can carve them easier. What did Ava THINK about the pumpkin patch? I love her shades.

Ahhh, the haircut. WOW. She is STILL drop dead gorgeous with shorter hair. :O I think that it was a wonderful thing to do to donate her lucious locks...some person will be VERYYY lucky to get an Ava-wig. And, her hair is STILL long enough to style...I bet that she is loving it shorter for convience sake! I noticed that she had a sucker in the salon! ;P I like her shirt.

I LOVE that she told you "I love you Mommy"! Are you still Mommy-ah or just Mommy now? :)

Hmmmm, did I miss anything? Hope not! Sheesh, I'd better update MY blog today...I am feeling like slacker Mom. :)


Truly Blessed said...

Love this post! But I can't believe you let her cut her gorgeous hair! I's HER hair and it will grow again, but NO!

So glad she's loving school. Next time, you need to ask a stranger to take your family photo!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad to see how well everything seems to be going! The girls are adorable together and I love Ava's haircut! I know it must have been hard to say goodbye to the long, thick hair, but it will grow back!

So happy for your family!