Thursday, June 4, 2009

Name? Name? What does Meiying look like? An "A", "L", "M" or "K" name?

Name? Name? ....

Just to update you all...the naming of Meiying continues to evolve. As you know, Nina, has been a favorite of mine from the beginning; not so much the rest of the family. I've always considered the fact that Meiying is old enough to be speaking Mandarin and wanted to choose a name that I thought would flow with Meiying and also be easy enough for her to pronounce. What I didn't consider was how some of the names might sound and translate in Chinese. It has come to my attention by a 4-time China adoption mom that:

"NE NA (pronounced Nina) in Chinese means like: You too? Like you'd ask someone how are you? They would answer, good, and then say NE Na? Meaning and you? How are you? It is an inclusive word... it works for various phrases or questions anyone asks you..."

And so, she followed up that paragraph with: "Don't know if that is significant to you." Well, yes it is and of course, Allie has had a good laugh over this one since she's been objecting to Nina all along. She continues to remind me each day how Meiying will feel if we call her Nina Meiying during those early days over in China. Per Allie, "Do you know how confusing that will be for her? She'll keep thinking we're asking how are you Meiying, all day long!" Oy!!!...Name? Name?


Kristi said...

Have you considered the name Mariah? Mariah Meiying?? I think it's a pretty name, but you and your family may hate it!! :-)
I also like the name Ana (pronouned Ah - na). Ana Meiying has a nice ring to it too.

mom2eliza said...

Thanks Kristi, we're thinking about something along the lines of Mariah. I love the name Ana, but we have 2 nieces w/ Anna in their names. I love hearing the suggestions though!

The Montieth Family said...


Sorry but I am completely rolling on the floor laughing with Allie about this! So naming Meiying "And you"? is out--huh? ;.P *LOL*!!!!!

I thought that Nina would be such a beautiful name for her! But, I guess that it's good that the X4 Mom brought pronounciation to your attention...I never thought about that either. :.)

Soooo, it's A...L...M...K....


Now say all of those really fast 5 times....just kidding. :.)I can't wait to hear which name your family chooses for her! And, I can't wait to meet her too.


Reena said...

Maybe you could have a short list of American names that you like and their meaning and then ask Meiying which one she likes the best.

At her age, she may want to continue using her name, Meiying.

Or, she may want an American name, but be able to help choose it.

Or, she may want you to choose it.

Meaklims said...

Choosing a name is the hardest part Sarah - especially in your case with Meiying being a little older.

We found out that Lilah (li-la) means 'come' in Chinese - someone told us that in the Pearl Market, I don't know how true it is. :) However, when we were saying her name at the start and she was responding, right from day one maybe that is why! lol!

Good luck choosing. :)
Jill xx

Meaklims said...

Btw, I like the Mia suggestion! :)

Truly Blessed said...

I'm of the opinion that you let Meiying choose (at least from a narrowed down list of your choosing). She's old enough to do so, and it may be a very good thing for her to have some "ownership" in her new name.

She's such a beautiful girl, you can't go wrong -- just pick a beautiful name and you have an unbeatable combination!