Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 8
Happy Birthday Meiying!!

Passing out candies, looks like she's counting out an exact amount for each friend...
Beautiful b-day cake; the chocolate piece on top says "Mei Ying, Happy Birthday".
Art supplies, stickers, colored pencils...candies.
7 candles...7 good wishes!
She feels special today and so big!
Look at her smile and that braid...I can't wait!!!!!!!
Can you imagine how curly and thick her hair must be; she's so pretty; such a sweet face.
Happy girl...no time to stop eating for a picture...
Enjoying that cake...that's our girl; she'll fit right in!!!


Reena said...

What a lovely girl!

She sure does look happy!

Meaklims said...

She is just stunning Sarah, and so happy! That cake was simply fabulous too. What beautiful pictures, they keep you going don't they? You must be so anxious for that beautiful girl.

Praying it will be soon.
Love, Jill xx

The Montieth Family said...

Good Afternoon Sarah!!!

Your question has been answered: Meiying loved her cake and art supplies! :D She looks SOOO happy, I bet that she is excited to be adopted. She looks like such a mature girl passing out the cake and candies, I can just envision her helping Eliza out when she comes home. I love how she posed for the camera with a bite full of cake too. She is too beautiful for words and I know that you are dying to get at that lush hair of hers. :) CALL ME when you have time, we have to talk about her!!!
Love, M

Jewels of My Heart said...

Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Flower! I know it is bittersweet and your heart breaks that she is not home celebrating with her family. But what peace it must give you to see that she is loved and cared for and that they are celebrating the wonder of her with such a lovely party.
God's Speed......

Tiffany said...

She is so beautiful and those braids are fabulous!
What special pictures to have of her birthday. They are priceless.

Love that cake as well!

We are so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see Meiying with her family!


Kristi said...

Meiying is truly lovely and I agree that she seems mature. It is wonderful that you got the care package to her and a birthday cake as well! ...Makes me wonder about the other children in the pictures with her. What are their stories ...I particularly wonder about the little girl with pigtail braids who looks so sad (poor thing). And on a different note, another name idea for you to mull over - I thought of the name Martina (Like Martina McBride ...since you liked Nina and her current name starts with an M?). Or Marissa?

Truly Blessed said...

Sarah, she's just so beautiful, amazingly so! And her hair! How gorgeous is that, lucky girl.

I just can't wait until you're able to meet her.