Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happenings since Eliza's birthday...

Snow on March 3 causing confusion to the outside critters; daffodils blooming on March 6; 70 degrees and shorts on March 7...can you say "whacky"?!!

Eliza loves her OT; of course, the constant reward of mini-Oreo's just makes it even better (note the chocolate "smile" in the picture below.

In this next picture, Eliza is choosing her own schedule for the session with the PEC system (picture exchange communication) and made sure that her favorite sensory experiences were included in the work!

Dawn (OT) and Eliza are getting set up for some listening therapy.  Google it, it's pretty cool stuff.

In the next picture, Dawn is NOT holding Eliza still, she's actually sitting and listening on her own with the aid of  a weighted bean-bag on her lap and a bean bag that she's holding.  I've learned from Dawn that Eliza's stimming helps her organize and motor plan.  The key is to not let the stim "block" her, but rather use it as more of a transition tool.  They're gently swinging on the bolster swing during this form of therapy.  I loved seeing how close she let Dawn get to her and how calming this experience was.  Beautiful!  Dawn's amazing with Eliza.

And the reward for attending so well to the listening therapy...Eliza's #1 choice:

Yes, she is hanging in that lycra sack!  Weird, isn't it?  She loves swinging, spinning, bumping.  I took a video too.  It's hilarious.  This is the first thing she chooses every week.

As for me, well, Mommy added somethink pink to her wardrobe...

yup, still not healing so Dr didn't give me any choice...other than what color I wanted it!  Hey, every mid-40 year old woman should add a neon pink caste to their life...what a way to get pampered!

Ava still hasn't signed my caste yet; she's taking it way too seriously and is having a hard time committing to what to write, which cracks me up because she's always writing notes to her friends and drawing colorfu pictures.  BTW, go to and read about "Bold Meiying"; our Ava was spotlighted on the Half The Sky website this month!

All from here...hoping spring sticks around this time.  I'm ready to wear a skirt and really show off my leg/foot!  Just hoping the caste will come off so I can start enjoying golf again now that golf course is getting a winter reprieve.


Rachel said...

Looks like you have a great OT! Lucky you. We actually built a 4 layer lycra hammock in our basement for the kids. They can lie in it the way Eliza is, we can swing and bounce them in it, and they can also climb from layer to layer working on strength and motor planning. It is the biggest hit whenever any kids come over to our house!

Dinn Family said...

Awesome pictures. (Except for the caste)! I read Ava's story on Half the Sky. That is awesome. I guess you've gotten the updates from them on her since coming home? Glad to hear you are all doing well. We hope to be in Guangxi in April.

Reena said...

Love the picts. I'm glad that Eliza is doing well with her OT. We are STILL waiting to see the ENT and get Clara Rose fitted for a hearing aid!

Sorry you had to get a cast, love the color choice!

Jean said...

Eliza OT looks wonderful! Anna has a great speech therapist that she loves- it makes a huge difference!

Sorry about the cast, what a bummer. You picked a good color, it does look pretty!


Sue said...

Love that hot pink cast. I have been following your blog since Jean M. emailed me it asking for Prayers when you were bringing Ava home. They both looks so good. Good luck with you foot

k1 said...

Maybe being in the sack is reminiscent of being in the womb?? Safe and secure.

I had the same color cast 18 yrs ago. Hope you mend quickly.

Kristi said...

Love the recent updates on precious Eliza. She looks so happy and sounds so happy!! ...It's so comforting when our kids seem to effortlessly connect with a therapist who just 'gets them' isn't it??

Happy belated 5th birthday, beautiful Eliza!!

You obviously are doing all the right things for Eliza; her radiant smile is proof of that.

So sorry you are still healing. You must have had a nasty break!

Truly Blessed said...

The OT sounds fantastic and looks like it's going so well for Miss E.

Love the hot pink cast! Oh, and the photo of the tree with the horse in the background? FABULOUS!!!!!

babyarnie said...

WOW! What an OT. At your leisure, will you email me her info. I think you said she is nearby! LOVE the pink cast. If you're gonna do it you might as well do it big!

Elizabeth, David, Katie, &Chloe said...

The story was so great about her. I hope you sent off for her reports. I got lots of pictures and reports on Chloe in February. It was great to read some of her past.
Elizabeth King

Dinn Family said...

My email address is if you want to give the family in Elijay my contact info. I just read your comment on our blog. Hope you are still doing well and we definitely need to try to get the girls together after we get settled. Angie

Tiffany said...

Love that fabulous pink cast...sorry for you though that you have a cast.

Love the photos!!!!

Sounds like Miss E has an awesome OT.

Heading over to read about Ava on Half the Sky.

Happy Spring!!!!
Hugs to you girls!