Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy 5th birthday my sweet Eliza!

(above; Eliza at Jump Zone for her class "sensory" field trip last week)

Eliza loves jumping, sliding, climbing, dancing...MOVING.
I'm going to bring my camera to OT this week to capture some of the fun.
Just like with swimming, she comes alive during these moments.

(above; not the best picture, but the first of this series...notice her neck; she's lost that baby-fat appearance)

...I'm always smooching on Eliza's cheeks;
 I love the shape of her face!
I kiss her and kiss her
and tell her I love her until
she finally nods her head 
while saying "mmmommm"
(interpret, "yeah, I know mom")
and then pushes me away. 
Eliza has grown up so much.
I boo-hoo'd last night
 while looking at our pictures
from her first year home.
That was the year before "A" as in autism.

I just wish I could hear her thoughts...
with my ears.
To live with a silent child is sometimes a blessing,
I know, for I have other children whom I sometimes wish would be silent.

But to never hear with your ears
 what your child is thinking,
feeling, seeing, needing...
well, it's a different kind of relationship.
It changes you.
It does make me sad, I'll admit.
It makes you tap into other senses though.

When I have a day where my other kids make me throw my arms in the air
or lay in bed at night questioning how I parented them that day,
having a silent child named Eliza, ironically brings me a peace.
Happy birthday my sweet, precious daughter
who can't tell me that I'm being a bad parent!
That's golden, c'mon admit it!

And some Chinese New Year photos...

(above; Ava with her BFF Lizzie)
(above; can't exclude Eliza from the festivities;
Eliza's dress was clearly purchased 3.5 years ago when she was an itty-bitty toddler!!!
Note the shiney paper lanterns on our mantel;
we made these in Ava's class when her teacher asked me to come in
and help celebrate Chinese New Year.)


Jean said...

Hellloooo Sarah! So glad you posted! It is good to hear about the kids!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy eLiZa !!!!
She is a beautiful little girl!

Tiffany said...

Just thinking about Miss E today and her big 5! Seems our girls were just little toddlers.... where did the time go?
I told Lily it was Eliza's birthday to which she replied.... E E is 5....yeaaaaaaa..... then she and Ty ran around the house like wild.
Then he proceeded to yell... E E is 5.
I hope she had a great birthday!


Truly Blessed said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! FIVE!!!! What an incredibly fun age.

Sarah, your post is so sweet and sad at the same time - about the contrast between loud and silent children.

I can't wait to meet your family - it looks very promising that we'll be headed your way right after Easter.

Rachel said...

Happy 5th birthday Eliza!

I hope you are doing well Sarah. Glad to see an update (not that I've really done one lately).

Reena said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! Five is such a fun age filled with fun activities and lots of fingerpainting!

The girls look GREAT!


Kristi said...

Happy 5th sweet, beautiful, & happy little Eliza!