Sunday, May 17, 2009

So, just 2 days after hearing the good news that we were LID, I found a bunch of pictures of Meiying in another family's photo album. These were taken on a camera they had sent in their care package. They just came home last month. Meiying is their daughter's best friend and they live in NC too!! More and more, it is appearing that Meiying is one of the oldest left in her Half the Sky class (ages 2 - 7 years old). She will be 7 in just a few weeks (June 8). I loved seeing these updated pictures tho it makes me sad and I wish we could leave for China today. She looks so tall, doesn't she? Love the yellow butterflies on her pants and her pretty black shoes. We've been seeing tons of yellow butterflies too so I thought that was pretty special. I have more photos, but I'm just posting a few for now. I can't stop looking at her. Oh and we also got the go ahead from our agency to send a care package so I'm pondering over what to send and what to say...


The Montieth Family said...


Your new daughter is so positively beautiful! There is something so "commanding" about her and her eyes are enchanting. You are one lucky Mom! :)

Her "Chinese-style" pants cracked me up a bit, they are very cute and how neat is it that you have been seeing butterflies too!

Post more pictures soon....please!

Reena said...

Meiying is absoultely lovely!

It is great that she will have friends from her SWI not to far away here in the USA.

How exciting to finally get the LID! I wish a very speedy LOA for you with travel to follow soon!