Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I know her by her curls!

Here's some new "old" photos of Meiying found in other albums from families who have traveled and were able to visit the Half the Sky school. I have also been getting some neat e-mails from other moms whose sons or daughter new Meiying. In celebration of closing out year 2008, I can now proclaim, "We are officially done with our Hague Certification so our Homestudy should be complete! Yeah!!"

April 2007 - almost 5 - Nina Meiying, in the middle in picture above;
and on the right in the picture below...

Again, almost 5, April 2007, Nina Meiying in the red and white crocheted smock below...

This is a close up Nina Meiying from a group (classroom) photo that I have, dated August 2008, can you find Nina Meiying? She's at the bottom of the photo, in the center, a hand blocking her face...

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The Montieth Family said...


You know that I love the name Nina. She looks like a "Nina" to me too..."Nina and Eliza" (and Allie and Brendan too of course)...LOVE the way that sounds.

It is such a gift to discover all of these pictures of your Beautiful Flower.


Love, Megan XX