Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've created a new yahoo group

Please feel free to join.
Please feel free to pass the word.
This is not adoption specific.
Find it on Yahoo Groups.

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gratefulfor8 said...

So good to hear you make a positive out of all this. I am so pleased to hear that Ava is doing well. Our Matthew continues to amaze us with his progress and smarts. He is coming up on two years now, where has the time gone. I may be moving back east to attend graduate school in creative arts therapy. My husband and I are divorcing. He took a nose dive when he went off of his homeopathic remedies for depression/bipolar and went off the deep end and left our family. Fortunately I have some income to survive on. If he doesn't get help I doubt he will come through with any financial support. He decided to quit his job after he got the separation papers. the kids are all doing good and we are all happier not to have him home. Sad but true, so it means I will probably never be able to adopt again unless I find a Chinese child from an adoption disruption. In the meantime I need to find away to still be home withy kids as much as possible but still earn some income to supplement what I have.