Wednesday, December 9, 2009's getting cold here in the south! Some photos of Ava and my nephew, Luke, having fun on the Dr. Seuss-like wacky playground at the school behind our farm.

Ava's latest english phrases include:
"Whattt? No, stop that. Please, excuse meeee."
"Watts that mean?"
"Who's zat?"
"I love you mommy."
"Hugga mommy."
"Not jyet."

I'll try to get some Eliza photos; lately she's ducking from the camera.


Jean said...

It does look a bit colder! At least you don't have the snow!

Cute pics! Love the latest phrases!

Sarah can say the Lord's prayer now it starts out
Our fadder who ought in eaven! Her english is pretty good but sometimes she tries to go so fast. I have to say excuse me? one more time, only slower!

Sue said...

I started to follow your blog with my friend (Jean that posted here) as for prayers for you when you were in China. It is so nice to see that she is happy now and she fits so well in your family.

Reena said...

Hi Sarah,

It looks like Ava is really settling in to her new life and especially her family! How wonderful!

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Kristi said...

Hi Sarah!
Everything's been fine on my end, we just travel so much in Nov/Dec, it makes me a little loco!! That, combined with just a myriad of appt's like dental, etc.
We are hanging in there. Vivianna's Alt Chat finally arrived but, of course, it still needs to be programmed before she can begin to be instructed on how to communicate with it. The OT wants us to buy a weighted vest to help with her hyperactivity....OK, I guess I'll spend the beaucoup bucks on this and just hope it's not another bust (know what I mean?!). Just wish that special ed wasn't so darn slow and frustrating at times. But, Viv is doing great other than no verbal progress. Her behavior is very good. Obviously, she is behind too on fine motor skills but is coming along as best she can.
I hate to hear E is still having sleep issues, for the both of you. There's got to be a magic potion that the doc just hasn't hit upon yet. It takes time, to get there..but you have to, right? ...I'm sure you will. Glad to see Ava's so happy in her forever family. But, I'm so worried about Eliza (& you) based on your recent comments. I just know that she's a sweetheart and that she definitely doesn't mean to be difficult; she loves you so much! Like I said, from our end age 4 took the cake in hardness. Hang in there. Call me if you need to talk.

Tiffany said...

That looks like a cool playground!!!!

Love Ava's phrases! Those are good ones to know. :-)

Hope you guys are having a Happy Holiday season!!!

The Montieth Family said...

I love the new pictures, Ava's hat is adorable. She just looks and sounds like she is a hoot! Can not wait to see you! :)

k1 said...

Merry Christmas to you all

Truly Blessed said...

Hey friend, it's been far too long. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2010!

Happy New Year!!

Kristi said...

Beginning to get worried about you. Emailed you a week or so ago and still haven't heard back from you. Blog stalking and haven't seen an update which I'm hoping just means that you've been busy in a good way. Even left a comment at one of your friends blogs asking her if she knew what was up and to email me. Not trying to be a pain, just getting concerned and hoping all is well.