Thursday, April 2, 2009

Edited AGAIN April 11, 2009, FINALLY received the completed document back from Minnesota Secretary of State!! This team still has one more leg: Chicago Consular...mailing off to a courier on Monday, April 13.

Edited April 10, 2009, third team to cross the finish line: NY document!

Edited April 7, 2009, second team to cross the finish line just this a.m.: All documents from Maryland and NC arrived back from the US State Department and Chinese Consular in Washington D.C., thanks to Laura and Steve at The Assistant Stork!!

Edited April 4, 2009, another "reject" from the Minnesota Secretary of States office. Seems they lost my original cover letter stating that the document needed the seal of verification for our international adoption from China?! So, they sent them back AGAIN asking for us to indicate what country would be receiving these documents!!! URGH!!!!! Off it went again on Monday, April 6 for the third attempt. Please say a prayer that the 3rd time will be the charm. This one little document is throwing off our LID timeline and getting me very upset.

Edited April 3, 2009, my NY document took 10 days to get processed w/ a courier that I paid very good money to. They had specific instructions on their website that had not been updated and told me they'd take care of the mistake. They didn't tell me that it would take them 10 days to do that. So, that document didn't even go to the Chinese Consulate until today, April 3...10 days after the courier received it. Hmmm...

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And the first document to cross the finish line
thanks to Janice at Red Tape Solutions
came from the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate
finishing the last leg of the relay strong for the
originating 3 other runners from Hawaii
(State Registrar, Clerk of the Courts and Lieutenant Governor)

Congrats!!...1 document officially completed...12 more still in the race...
C'mon papers, run, faster, faster, stronger, dig can do it!


Reena said...

Picture me with Pom Poms!

Run little papers! RUN.

Run so the ink dries flat!

Run little papers! RUN.

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