Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Already your mother

One of the amazing things, I think, about adoption is that you can feel such a connection and a sense of motherhood to a child that doesn't even know you exist. Beautiful Flower, you're already in my thoughts daily. Today, I was thinking about you... at your school concentrating, thinking about you laughing and playing with your friends...then I thought, "huh, she doesn't even know that I'm thinking about her". That's pretty amazing isn't it?


Meaklims said...

It is truly amazing Sarah. It is a very overwhelming feeling when you sit and think about it a lot.

Jill xx

The Montieth Family said...

Any adoptive parent understands how you feel, of course you are her Mother already! You have given her your whole heart and although she does not know it, I bet that she can feel it Sarah. :) Perhaps it's a warm fuzzy feeling, sort of invisible hug and she just does not know where it is coming from.

She is going to be SO LUCKY to be a Ray! And, you will be very lucky to have her too.

Love, Megan